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remembering dad

Just at the moment it might be better if you didn't talk to me about how God's timing is perfect. My much-loved father-in-law (hitherto known as 'Dad', as that is who he was for me) died on the first day of this week, the biggest week of the year in my Langham work. As today dawns, the biggest day in the biggest week, the family gathers for his burial service in Bluffton, Ohio. I'd love to be there...

Instead I am bringing Dad to mind and imagination and heart through pictures.

Here is my favourite. 15 months ago. With arms open wide, Dad welcomes someone different from him - here, it is an age difference of 90 years. This was the habit of his life. His love was deep and wide and as it was splashed on people - even in the briefest interaction - it drew forth a love from those people. Here it is his great-grandson, Micah, opening his arms to him in return. His love drew forth a love from others. It just did. I saw it happen again and again.

With Dad, I'll start…

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